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We are Grit Ventures, Canada’s Innovation Hub.  We are revolutionizing the incubator & accelerator model.

Grit Ventures is revolutionizing the conventional incubator & accelerator model through global partnerships.

With the same resources we are able to connect exponentially more startups to investment capital and expertise.

We have removed the capacity constraints and are able to scale services provided.

Grit Ventures is poised to bring Canada to the global playground.

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Global Services

We provide our startups free or low-cost access to global professional service firms. Our startups gain support specific to their industry and needs. We are partnered with some of the biggest global management consulting firms; law firms; dev shops and more. We are making global brand name firms accessible to Canadian startups.

Global Capital

Most successful startup investments are preceded by qualified introductions from an investor’s network. Our startups gain access to our global network of institutional and angel investors. Our partners manage over $4 billion in investment capital and invest across various industries. We have streamlined the process and continue to expand our network.

Canada’s Elite

Join Canada’s elite. Our innovation hub brings together Canada’s best innovators, startups, and institutions. Admission is competitive and the benefits are enormous. With over 500 startups a year and 100 being admitted into our program; startups also gain access to a large network of the best Startups in Canada.

Corporate Resources

Our unique process has allowed us to forge relationships with multinational corporations. These partnerships offer numerous benefits, including free products, intrapreneurship programs, opportunities for collaboration, access to corporate clients, and exit opportunities.

Grit Developments

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Global Partnerships

Grit News

March 28, 2017

Grit Ventures: New Office Space – Summer 2017 !

January 5, 2017 in Press Release

Press Release: Grit Ventures Announces Final Partnership list

Press Release, January/2017: Grit Ventures announced its partnership list for its professional service sector. The final list includes 33 of the biggest global institutions offering a wide range of business…

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November 22, 2016 in Press Release

Press Release: First round of Partners Announced

Press Release, October/2016 – Grit Ventures announced the first round of 8 firms joining Grit Ventures’ exclusive partnership program. Partners gain unique access to Canada’s best startups and offer them…

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April 22, 2016 in Press Release

Press Release: Treadstone Management Partners Report

Press Release, April/2016: Grit Ventures hired Treadstone Management Partners to conduct a comprehensive study of the Canadian Startup landscape and provide an analysis of the overall industry as well as characteristics of startup…

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